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    Received the following message today from Parkland County: "As of right now Muir Lake is scheduled to open as usual, however the situation is fluid and depending on usage and visitors’ ability to follow social distancing protocols, it could change. We will communicate any decisions that are made on the County website and social media pages." Suspect this will be the case with other lakes in Parkland and in other Counties. Please help spread the message so we don't have lakes and boat launches closed off to us all. The new Welcome to Muir Lake sign was installed this week and work on replacing and adding to the Alberta Angler Walk of Fame signs is in progress.
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    Jim and Ken were interviewed on the Ryan Jespersen show on 630 CHED radio today. Here is a link to the Grayling Interview
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    Well, since I first arrived in Edmonton, Alberta in the year 1980...I finally, I mean finally caught my very first Athabascan rainbow...very, very, very excited. The Embarrass is a vey nice river/creek (many different entrances)...do not overlook this gem...you will have to bushwhack in, but it is definitely worth the trip in...go in with a minimum of three as a group, share the experience, share the knowledge, share the fun and hopefully you will pass on your experience with others. Believe it or nor not, as mentioned above... it took me 29 years of fishing the correct river/stream to accomplish this feat...in my best "Yoda Voice" …Happy I Am"...
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    Last week, heavy rains in the area have raised the North Ram River enough to actually wash out part of the road, leading to the camp site we have used for years. I do not have enough time to re-scout for another option so I am officially changing the location. Mike Dell confirmed that the road to the site we camp at on the Blackstone River is open so that is where the Conclave Headquarters will be located this year. To drive, head west on Highway 11 from Rocky Mountain House. Go about 1 km west of the access road to Nordegg to get to The Forestry Trunk Road (Hwy 40/734). Turn north (right) and drive to Chungo Road - a major road peeling off to the left. Drive up Chungo Road until you cross the Blackstone (it will be the first decent-sized river you cross) and up the little hill. There is a fairly large field on both sides of the road. If all goes well, we should be camped on the left side of the road. However, this is random camping and can't be reserved so it could be either side. Therefore, if you do not see a sign that says FF@/NLFT Alberta Conclave, look on the other side of the road. We have camped in the same location on several occasions before. There are numerous creeks in addition to the Blackstone in the area. Some are fed mostly through muskeg, meaning they stay clean during hard rain. I will bet someone will even take a side-trip to drive down to the Ram, though I have heard that it is quite dirty still. Google Maps says the site is here: 52.615902, -116.327583 This is the first time we have ever had to change the location of a conclave so close to the date. Share this with anyone you think might be interested in attending. I am making a large-ish sign so people can see our location easily. If there is no sign, I am driving a grey Toyota Highlander with the license plate SGX 814. You can also call me before about noon on July 20 at 403-471-3108 as I will be within cell range until then at least. If nothing else, COVID has taught us to be resilient. This minor change won't kill the conclave of 2020 for me. See you there! Jim
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    With provincial and national parks closed and the overall recommendation to stay home or close enough many of us may not be fishing as much as we would like. Is there any interest in some kind of online get together? It is not the best, but better than not. Zoom is an option (RASC has a premium account so they can have more people, maybe we could do the same) but there are other alternatives. We can certainly do some tying-along, a show and tell on what we are tying now, or a round table on some other topic. If anyone had a presentation ready to go, that can also be done online. Any thoughts? I attach some pictures from last year....things that I could not do this year. Florin
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    Trout Unlimited Canada also received some funds from ACA for analysis/recommendations for Pinto Lake, and for some Bull Trout work in the Eastern Slopes.
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    Some good news amid the gloom! Northern Lights Fly Fishers has been successful in securing grant funding from ACA for 3 major projects in 2020: 1. Conserving and Restoring Arctic Grayling in the Upper Pembina River Watershed – Habitat Restoration Planning The project builds upon work done in previous years of the chapter’s Arctic Grayling conservation program and involves: · water temperature monitoring at 20 sites in the Upper Pembina River watershed · aerial videography using a quadcopter to: - assess present habitat suitability in small tributary reaches with previously documented Arctic Grayling spawning, to determine their potential use as re-stocking sites - locate and document OHV damaged sites - locate and document potential sites for additional stream remediation efforts. · installing trail cameras in selected sites to collect data about angling non-compliance or damage to habitat caused by OHV traffic as well as tracking seasonal high-water events. · assisting AEP in identifying young-of-the-year/yearling rearing areas (as surrogates of spawning locations) using backpack electrofishing. · assisting AEP with volunteer angling survey and underwater videography, to evaluate effectiveness of 5-year angling closure on Upper Pembina system. There was hope of evaluating the potential of remote site incubators for future re-stocking purposes with advice from Dr. Magee, U of Montana, but this aspect of the grant proposal was unfortunately not included in the approved funding. 2. Riparian protection on Dogpound Creek Dogpound Creek is recognized as a prime recreational fishery, especially for brown trout, and is visited by anglers from all areas of the province. Essential to its long-term survival is protection of the riparian land along the length of the Creek. Its banks consist of non-cohesive, fine alluvial materials and, especially where frequented by cattle, are subject to devegetation and erosion. Most of the existing fencing, installed over thirty years ago, is broken and flattened. The owners of a large cattle ranching operation along the creek near Carstairs have agreed to the terms of a Riparian Conservation Program with ACA including upkeep of new fencing. With this grant Northern Lights will support that partnership by: · protecting 49 acres of riparian land on the property from degradation by cattle ranching and reduce siltation and effluent introduction into the creek along 3.8 km of Dogpound Creek, by removing damaged fencing and installing new wildlife friendly fencing; · providing alternate watering for the cattle by repairing two off-site watering facilities; · installing 16 access gates to the riparian area and creek for anglers and others. · promoting awareness of the need for and benefits of riparian protection. The goals are to establish conditions for a healthier river, improve habitat for fish and wildlife, and increase recreational opportunity for anglers and those interested in experiencing nature in a more pristine setting. Hopefully the project will also provide a model of effective and achievable riparian protection and increase knowledge of its importance and benefits. 3. Aeration of Hasse Lake Hasse Lake was originally developed as a provincial park and became a popular trout fishery, stocked by AEP with approx. 20,000 rainbow trout annually and producing fish in excess of 3lbs. It is a 90 ha lake with an average depth of 3.5m set in rolling hills with extensive aspen growth. It has a sandy beach, picnic area with fire pits, 3 km of walking trails, a boat launch and angling platform and is a popular birdwatching area. Water quality gradually deteriorated, however, largely due to increasing phosphorous levels. Blue-green algae began to appear. Dissolved oxygen levels decreased and fish began to die. Public Health became involved and closed the beach issuing fecal bacteria warnings. In 2009 AEP stopped stocking trout. Efforts to turn the lake into a walleye, pike and perch fishery in 2012 failed and AEP ceased all stocking that same year. In response to public requests to rehabilitate the lake, in particular from the Northern Lights Chapter and the Edmonton Trout Fishing Club, ACA began in 2015 to collaborate with local community groups and land owners to reduce nutrient loading in Hasse Lake. Improvements to and protection of much of the lake’s riparian area were such that by 2019 ACA assessment recorded DO levels adequate to support trout although thermal stratification remained a concern. E-coli and fecal coliforms were at or slightly below Alberta Health and Safety guidelines. AEP agreed to restock the lake with trout in the spring of 2020 provided that ACA continued to improve the water quality of the lake. Should that prove successful AEP further agreed to add more rainbow trout in the fall and also to diversify the fishery by the addition of tiger trout. The most effective way to continue to improve water quality and enhance conditions for trout survival was clearly identified as intensive lake aeration. This would increase dissolved oxygen, reduce nutrient levels and improve the aquatic environment for the organisms that fish rely on for food. The Northern Lights Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada, based on the success of the aeration program it helped fund and maintain at Muir Lake, will: · purchase five surface aerators and associated cables and assist ACA as needed with their installation and monitoring; · communicate the availability of Hasse Lake as an additional recreational angling opportunity and of the associated social, recreational, health and economic benefits it brings to the community · encourage financial support from local authorities and businesses for the Hasse Lake Reclamation Project and ongoing maintenance of water quality in the lake. Approved Club Funded Projects: · In conjunction with Edmonton Trout Fishing Club and Edmonton Oldtimers Fishing Club we will continue to work on replacing the Welcome signage and educational plaques at Muir Lake that have become weather worn and unreadable. ETFC is installing an additional plaque in the Walk of Fame honouring Reg Denny, and NLFF is adding Don Andersen to the Walk of Fame and rewriting the George and Joan Mitchell plaque as the Mitchell Family to incorporate recognition of the outstanding contributions of Barry Mitchell. · Continue to advocate for additional protection for Arctic Grayling, especially in the upper Pembina, by disseminating information to provincial and federal authorities obtained from the analysis of ARGR DNA by Jessica Reilly and Dr. Josh Miller commissioned by NLFF. · Support the work of TUC in protecting bulltrout spawning areas in MacKenzie Creek with a financial contribution and stream work as and when needed. · Putting $2,500 on hold for exploring the possibility of establishing remote site incubators in the upper Pembina river and/or its tributaries to assist with the reestablishment of Artic Grayling populations in the area. · Assist ACA with the Kids Can Catch programs at Fort Saskatchewan Pond and at Don Sparrow Lake, Beaumont. · Provide fly-tying instruction to school groups and youth organizations when requested and as volunteer time allows. · Assist TUC with running the Edmonton Conservation Dinner and Auction (it's postponed indefinitely right now). All of the above will be done as and when conditions allow. Hopefully we can hold a meeting again soon or better yet, go fishing!!
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    Just announced: To complement the release of new sport fishing regulations, and in recognition of the fact many Albertans are self-isolating in light of COVID-19, the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association is making its eight-module Alberta Fishing Education Program available online for free. “Many Albertans are practising physical distancing right now, so what better time to learn about our province’s wildlife? Our partners at AHEIA have generously offered to make the new Alberta Fishing Education Program available free of charge, and we hope Albertans – kids and adults – will take advantage of this opportunity. I recently took the course along with my two youngest children, and the three of us learned so much about the aquatic biodiversity of our province!” Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks “Given the current set of circumstances everyone is dealing with, we feel now is the perfect time to release the Alberta Fishing Education Program for free, so that all Albertans – young and old – can take advantage of this extra time they may have found themselves with while they self-isolate or quarantine at home away from school and work.” Robert Gruszecki, Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association The Alberta Fishing Education Program is the only program of its kind offered in North America. Its aim, beyond providing essential education about fishing in Alberta, is to provide confidence through understanding to better enable more people to responsibly spend time in the outdoors and enjoy and preserve our province’s most beautiful wild places and wildlife. AHEIA is a not-for-profit organization that works to educate the public on the importance of protecting the places and wildlife cherished by Albertans. AHEIA is the only registered charity in Alberta that provides this type of conservation and outdoor education to the public and has done so since 1964. Fishing Education Program: https://319.yssecure.com/cart_builde...roductID=60179
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    I found the advertisement on page 6 a little disturbing. Nothing should ever be inserted under the gill covers if you intend to release the fish - although I know it is common practice on many sport fishing shows.
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    Trout Unlimited Canada (our parent organization) has issued some guidance with respect to COVID-19 health concerns. All Northern Lights chapter meetings and events in March and April will be canceled or postponed. Details about resumption of meetings will be posted on the website, on Facebook and on our forum.
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    Hi, thanks for letting me join the group. I have recently taken up fly fishing 2 years ago and was only able to get out about a dozen times each year. I much rather prefer to fly fish now than spin cast or any other type of fishing. My goal this year is to get out a lot more and fine tune my technique. I live north of Edmonton and only about 5 minutes away from a stocked trout pond. I've taught myself to fly fish by watching videos and reading books. For the most part I feel like I can fish fairly good. But some more practice will definitely help.
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    Yes, Michigan and Montana both have programs to re-introduce grayling. We are organizing a formal discussion with the folks from Montana, and there have been some early talks about a Grayling symposium where Alberta/Michigan/Montana and others could be involved.
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    MID-WINTER FLY TYING DAY Saturday, Jan 25th at Queen Mary Park Community Hall from 10:00am to 4:00 pm. Open to all. Come for the day or drop in at any time to join others in tying some flies, chewing the fat, and easing the pain of cabin fever. Nothing formal, no requirements and no charge! We'll be ordering in pizza around about 12:30 and paying for it with whatever donation you'd like to make, or bring your own lunch. Complimentary pop and coffee. Tools and materials for those without their own will be available and some members have offered to be available to help new tyers. If you'd like to be a volunteer instructor for an hour or two please let us know what time(s) would suit you. Otherwise just come and restock your fly box in the company of other tyers.
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    Congratulations to our new executive:
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    Had a great day. Very well attended 19 tyers . Thanks to all that made this possible. We must do it again. Tight Lines Always Dennis S.
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    An Internet Link Index for the Alberta Fly Fisherperson Current as of Tuesday, December 24, 2019 Province of Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/rqiyty0bzn3i926/Brook%20Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 – Brook Trout Stockings in Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/f0nhhkadfy9ofcs/Brown%20Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 – Brown Trout Stockings in Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/b9nxt5nxp5tyn6w/Cutthroat%20Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 – Cutthroat Trout Stockings in Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/vpdw44fry2onivq/Tiger%20Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 –Tiger Trout Stockings in Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/em5lmpvfnurjiaw/ACA Winter Lake Surface Aeration.docx?dl=0 - Alberta Aerated Lakes Northern Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhdk6iuotzvifhw/AADmDNsCZNq9ly9s5WlI6n18a?dl=0 – The Trout Lakes of Northern Alberta (76), Maps, directions etc. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b90ly7sidr6tnc0/Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 – Trout (All species) Stockings in 76 Northern Alberta Trout Lakes https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcisxzukojsca54/Campground%20Data%20etc.docx?dl=0 – Camping data etc. for 76 Northern Alberta Trout Lakes https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuz94mfcomyfok3/Alberta%20Lakes%20Fishing%20Regulations..docx?dl=0 – Regulations for 76 Northern Alberta Trout Lakes Alberta Fly-Fishing Clubs & Guiding Websites Northern Lights Fly Fishers :- http://www.nlft.org/online-forums/ _ Recommended home club. Meets once a week on Wednesdays Edmonton Trout Fishing Club :- http://www.edmontontrout.ca/ - Meets twice a month (First and third Tuesdays) Edmonton Old Timers Fishing Club :- (782)232-6261:- Meets monthly Calgary Women Fly Fishers :- http://calgarywomenflyfishers.com/ :- Meets monthly Hook and Hackle Club (Calgary) :- http://hookandhackleclub.org/index.html :- Meets twice a month (Second and fourth Wenesdays) Central Alberta Fly Tying Club (Red Deer) :- https://rdflytying.blogspot.com/ :- Meets once a week on Mondays Peace Country Fly Fishers (Grande Prairie) :-http://pcflyfishers.org/ :- Meets twice a month (First and third Thursdays) Southern Alberta Fly Fishing (Lethbridge) :-http://www.southernalbertaflyfishing.com/ :- Guiding service Alberta Fly Fishing Adventures (Coleman) :- http://www.albertaflyfishing.ab.ca/ :- Guiding Service Good Fly Fishing Websites and Fly Patterns The New Fly Fisher Magazine (Free) :- https://www.thenewflyfisher.com/ - A Canadian magazine with excellent contributors. Mid-current Fly Fishing News :- http://midcurrent.com/news/ - An excellent newsletter, with excellent contributors, out of Fort Collins, Colorado. The Global Fly Fisher :- http://globalflyfisher.com/ - An excellent European newsletter, with excellent contributors. Fly Tiers Page:- http://www.flytierspage.com/ - By Hans Weilenmann. 5,000 patterns by 267 tiers Neil’s Favourite 5 wet flies - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ghqzfoz68ydbgl/AAABoo3pBeLpw29OWpiFk5R_a?dl=0 – How to tie, etc. Videos of Common Bugs :- https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=bugs+of+the+underworld&qpvt=bugs+of+the+underworld&FORM=VDRE – Great videos Good articles by good authors Brian Chan – Fall Fishing :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/protalk/chan/fallfish.phtml Brian Chan – Chironomid Addict :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/protalk/chan/confession.phtml Brian Chan – Leeches :- http://www.gofishbc.com/Blog/Fishing-Tips/Blog-5-(2).aspx Ron Newman :- Damsel Flies :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/bugs/damselfly/damselfly.phtml Ron Newman :- – Dragon-flies :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/bugs/dragonfly/dragonfly.phtml Ron Newman – Caddis-flies :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/bugs/caddisfly/caddisfly.phtml Ron Newman – Trout Food :- http://www.bcadventure.com/ronnewman/food.phtml Gord Honey – Long Leaders : - http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/protalk/honey/lines.phtml Gord Honey – Shoals & Drop-offs :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/protalk/honey/shoals.phtml Phil Rowley :- Fly Angling :- http//flycraftangling.com/
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    The annual general meeting of the Northern Lights Fly Fishers Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada will be held at 7:00pm on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 at Queen Mary Park Community Hall. Members of TUC who are affiliated with the NLFF Chapter may vote in person or by proxy. A proxy form is attached.PROXY AGM '20.docx This year's AGM will include a discussion of conservation and other projects that the Chapter is considering for 2020 and of activities and presentations that are of interest to members. A financial statement will be presented. All executive positions for the Chapter are open for nomination from the floor. A listing of the responsibilities of each position is available by emailing Communications@nlft.org. The positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director, External Events Coordinator, Membership Director, Communications Director. Now more than ever, the Northern Lights Fly Fishers Chapter needs your support to continue to achieve our Aims and Objectives: · support the work of TU Canada in promoting the conservation and wise use of coldwater fisheries and their watersheds and in fostering public awareness of the value of these natural resources · provide a friendly atmosphere for the novice and expert to learn and share the fly tying and fly fishing experience · promote the involvement of others in fly tying and fishing with particular emphasis on youth · interact with related clubs, organizations, governmental and other agencies to increase support for the Aims and Objectives of the Chapter Should you wish to purchase or renew a TUC tax-deductible membership prior to the AGM it will be valid until Mar 31, 2021. Simply visit the TUC website or call toll-free 1-800-909-6040.
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    Renew (or Join if not already a member) before December 6 and your membership will be good for about 16 months i.e. to Mar 31, 2021. $20 of your membership fee ($40) will be allocated to your local Chapter and the $40 is tax deductible!! While we don't require membership in TUC to attend Northern Lights meetings we sure encourage it as it strengthens our voice and adds to our funds! Please enter 'Northern Lights' on the online renewal form where it asks if you want to be associated with a particular chapter. See details below: November29, 2019 GIVING TUESDAY IS ALMOST HERE PLEASE HELP! LET TUC’s VOICE BE HEARD Trout Unlimited Canada (TUC) is the voice for Canada’s water and a champion for the country’s freshwater fisheries. A strong membership base helps ensure TUC’s voice is heard. The more members TUC has, the greater the organization’s influence in the protection of Canadian waters and fisheries at the federal and provincial levels. Join or renew your existing TUC membership by December 6, 2019, and you will receive member benefits through to March 31, 2021, as well as the chance to win in our special Giving Tuesday member appreciation draw! Your support is vital to ensure that there is no disruption to TUC’s significant water conservation efforts, especially now when government funding is limited and not guaranteed. Some examples of the work TUC staff and volunteers completed in 2018 include the following: Rescued and repatriated over 15,000 fish across Canada to protect threatened fish, brought back locally extinct populations, and brought awareness to the importance of native fish species. Planted over 13,500 trees fighting climate change, improving air and water quality. Repaired over 25 kilometers of Canada’s streams and rivers, increasing animal habitat, and protecting and enhancing fish populations while drastically enhancing water quality and battling climate change. Educated over 60,000 people through our national education programming, improving knowledge and awareness on water quality and stream restoration. Empowered over 180 local communities across Canada. HELP MAKE SURE TUC’s VOICE IS HEARD Also, any $40 tax-deductible memberships purchased or renewed from November 29, 2019 to December 6, 2019, will be valid until March 31, 2021. To join or renew your membership, please visit our website or call us toll-free 1-800-909-6040. Canada’s water is worth saving. Sincerely, Silvia D’Amelio CEO ************************************************
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    A primary goal of NLFF is to advocate for and promote opportunities for recreational angling in Alberta, not only for the social, physiological and psychological benefits it provides but because there is evidence to suggest that those introduced to angling tend to be more actively involved in supporting and protecting the resource and the environment in general. This year NLFF successfully applied for a grant from Alberta Conservation Association to further this goal with specific reference to the City of Beaumont and ACA.s Fish Stocking program. The project is now complete. The goals of this project were to: · increase awareness of and support for recreational angling in Beaumont, Alberta by its citizens, City administration and elected officials; · increase public awareness of ACA’s trout stocking program, trout species stocked by ACA in Beaumont’s Don Sparrow Lake (previously known as Beaumont Pond), responsible angling practices, and the dangers of dumping fish and aquarium plants in local waterbodies; · encourage and help facilitate a partnership between the City of Beaumont and ACA for maintaining and enhancing the Fish Stocking program in Beaumont in future years · free up resources for ACA to expand its Fish Stocking program to other municipalities The process: Northern Lights Fly Fishers (NLFF) provided volunteer input to the creation of Beaumont’s Recreation Master Plan especially regarding the recreational, social and economic benefits of maintaining and promoting a local recreational fishing opportunity. With the agreement of City administration NLFF then purchased and stocked 2,500 20cm rainbow trout in Don Sparrow Lake which was then supplemented by the stocking of 250 brown trout by ACA. NLFF then designed and had manufactured signage for the lake illustrating the differences between the two species and providing information on responsible angling practices. In addition, NLFF arranged for Alberta Environment and Parks to provide the City with signage for the lake and for all of the city’s storm water ponds regarding the illegality and dangers of dumping fish and aquarium contents. An article, ‘Don Sparrow Lake – Bringing Nature to the City’ was then written by NLFF and published in ‘Beaumont News’ describing the history of the fishery, the stocking program, responsible angling practices and the dangers of introducing invasive species. NLFF also provided some angling education at the Lake including assistance with ACA’s Kids Can Catch event, introducing new immigrants to fishing and teaching other individuals how to catch a fish. The City administration drafted a letter of thanks to ACA’s CEO for its many years of stocking Don Sparrow Lake. This was signed by the Mayor who then invited NLFF to make a presentation to City Council at its public meeting on October 22nd, 2019 in support of NLFF’s recommendation to Council that the City become a Corporate Partner in Conservation with ACA. It is anticipated that the City will formally approve the Partnership in conjunction with its 2020 budget approval in late January 2020.
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    The Border Paving site is adjacent to the Stainbrook Springs and Leavitt conservation sites. These are two properties that are jointly owned by Trout Unlimited Canada, Alberta Fish and Game Association and the Alberta Conservation Association; originally acquired to ensure the protection of the head water springs of the North Raven River. BP is seeking approval to operate a wet pit at the south property line of the 1/4 section they own (referred to as the Mcquiston Pit NW-18-37-05-W5) and the next south property (referred to as the Kiem Pit SW-18-37-05-W5) which is directly south of our Leavitt Property and just 1/2 mile west of the Stainbrook Property. The ground water flow from the Clearwater River to these springs is thought to go directly through the property proposed for the wet mining operation. Border Paving is apparently claiming that this is not the case and that they would never compromise the integrity of the Stauffer Creek.
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    Fish Tales has been a generous donor to our annual auction over the years. Am posting this from the Alberta Outdoorsmen forum in case we are able to help in any way: Fish Tales Fly Shop · Our faith in people is shaken this morning. Our day started with a call from the alarm company reporting multiple alarms at the shop. Shortly after the call, we arrived at the shop to three police vehicles parked in front and a shattered front door to the shop. The thief or thieves seemed to have been on a targeted mission for reels and were gone before police (or us) arrived - 15 minutes or less. Today is being spent assessing all that was taken, completing the police report, getting the door replaced, starting the insurance process, and trying to figure out how to best get the word out to the fly fishing community about the stolen goods. On behalf of Fish Tales (Dave, Nancy, and our team) please be on the lookout for reels that seem "too-good-to-be-true." Thieves left here with about four dozen higher-end reels - Islanders, Sage, Nautilus, Brittania, Orvis, Hardy, and Tibor. Feel free to share this post as the more widely it is shared the better. We will be watching on-line and have already alerted other shops in Calgary. We will list a few specific reels later today so folks can watch for these on their local forums. We'll notify police with any possible leads. Thank you. David/Nancy
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    This years auction was a first class event. Many thanks to all involved in making it an awesome night. Lots of members had a hand in making it a success and fun filled night and I'd like to say thank you to each and everyone that worked hard in making sure the event went smoothly. Job well done you guys. Vince
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    Thanks Michael, now I've got a couple things to keep me busy for a couple months. Dave
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    Club members: Auction Items can be brought to club meetings on Wednesday nights. If would like a personalized donation request letter, please let Peter know. This is our major fundraiser of the year. Come out for an evening of relaxation & fun. Bring your friends! Location: 7104 87 Ave. Kenilworth Community Centre. COST $15 per person – tickets available online! <=== Click Here Please – Purchase tickets in advance, so we can order the right amount of food Doors open at 5:30pm Dinner served at 6:30pm Beer & Wine to be sold Dinner Shepherd’s Pie, Salad, Buns, Cheese with Cold Cuts
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    Michael Dell will demonstrate the following patterns to cover the life cycle of BWO at the Oct 16 meeting. Bead Head Pheasant Tail Hook: scud hook 16-22 Thread: olive 8/0 Bead: gold or copper sized to hook Rib: copper wire, fine, red Tail: pheasant tail fibres Body: pheasant tail fibres Thorax: peacock BWO Klinkhammer Emerger Hook: Daiichi 1160 or 1167 18-22 Thread: olive 8/0 or finer Wing: light gray macramé yarn, posted Hackle: grizzly or your choice, parachute style Rib: copper wire, fine, red Tail: pheasant tail fibres Body: pheasant tail fibres Thorax: BWO Superfine dubbing Parachute BWO Hook: dry fly size 18-22 Thread: olive 8/0 or finer thread Wing: light grey macramé yarn, posted Hackle: grizzly or your choice, parachute style, oversized Tail: Coq de Leon hackle fibres Body: BWO Superfine dubbing
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    Tryed on a mustad #2. Any suggestions to add to her? I average 2 pike before I have to re tie
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    All meetings start at 7:00pm at Queen Mary Park Community Hall on 117St and 108 Ave. Everyone welcome. No charge and no membership required to attend meetings. Coffee and timbits provided. Sept 18 - Business meeting to deal with some topics from the summer and ongoing followed by a chance to reacquaint with others, share some stories, catch up on news etc. Bring a vice to tie a few if you wish. Hopefully welcome a new member or two. The Business meeting will include the usual reports plus some spending/project possibilities (below). If you can't attend the meeting and have some thoughts on any of these topics please send them to Communications@nlft.org Mackenzie Creek Project – Proposed Donation of $1,500 and Volunteer help This creek, a tributary of the McLeod just south of Robb is an important bull trout spawning stream that’s been closed to angling for 17 years. However, there are impacts to the habitat within the watershed, e.g. sedimentation, poaching, and an off-highway vehicle (OHV) trail that runs along and through the creek and its tributaries several times. AEP is proposing to re-route the trail away from the creek and restore the banks and former crossing sites as well as "rough and loose" segments of the trail to both promote ecological recovery and prevent motorized access to sensitive locations.TUC has stepped up to take the lead (with support from Public Lands) on this project which will likely take place in phases, over 3 years. They've identified four crossings in the lower part of the watershed that could be repaired and closed immediately. Some of the stakeholders that are interested, involved, and/or are providing funding include the Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Association, West Fraser, Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership, AEP, and TUC. This is a significant project in trying to manage OHV impacts on public lands, outside of a Public Land Use Zone. Therefore, TUC would like to see as many organizations as possible support this project through a donation and/or volunteer help especially in the streambank restoration work to demonstrate a wide range of support for reclamation and protection of bull trout spawning areas. NLFF executive believes this project fits with our aims and objectives and is proposing a contribution from NLFF of $1,500 and a commitment to encouraging member volunteer help with stream bank restoration/willow planting etc. Arctic Grayling DNA analysis – Proposed Retroactive approval of cost up to $2000 Over the summer the executive with the help of Jim O’Neill and Jessica Reilly, bio with AEP, made efforts to advocate for greater protection of Arctic Grayling by the provincial Species at Risk Dept. and by the federal Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).We made some progress in that the provincial representative on COSEWIC agreed to present our concerns. In the process of this work we came across some data which suggested that the Dismal Creek and Rat Creek (both in the upper Pembina) sub-populations are genetically distinct from the more northerly groups, largely because they have been isolated for decades. It also showed slight differences between the Dismal and Rat Creek sub-populations. This seemed like a good argument to further protect the Arctic Grayling which have been the focus of our Upper Pembina Grayling Project for the past few years. However, the data needed analysis and formal reporting. Fortunately, Jess had a geneticist contact at the UofA who was able and willing to do this work for no more than $2000, far less than it would normally cost. The executive spending limit is $750 but in order to get this done in time for an upcoming meeting of COSEWIC’s Fish Committee we decided to approve it and hope for forgiveness and approval from the membership at this meeting. Muir Lake Signage – Proposed Approval in principle to fund sign replacement As member organizations of the Fisheries Enhancement Society of Alberta, Northern Lights Fly Fishers and Tyers and Trout Unlimited Edmonton, contributed to the costs of the Muir Lake Project back in 2003. As evident in the attached photos of the ‘Welcome’ sign it’s time to replace some and possibly add others, especially to the Walk of Fame. We’ve reached out to the other groups involved in FESA - Edmonton Trout Fishing Club, Edmonton Oldtimers Fishing Club and ACA – to see if they’re willing to share in costs and if they would like to add anyone to the Walk of Fame. Discussion and approval of spending based on estimates to be provided at the meeting Sep 25 - Info sharing/Roundtable on things learned/discovered over the summer fishing season re fish, locations, equipment, tactics, habitat, issues - whatever you found of interest or concern and think might be of interest to others. Come share, ask questions or just listen.
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    Great two days on the North Ram. Had the whole stretch from nice n' easy to the bridge all to myself. Caught a decent number of cutties and broke off a good number of flies on the ones I lost. Oh well. Lots of risers to size 16-18 adams' as per usual this time of year, and yes Jim, i did get one on the "hippie stomper" as well.
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    This is what our "Government" decided to cut... https://albertaparks.ca/news-events/?fbclid=IwAR2WFDUKQNBWBRKjo8oVttc8aNDK7cafzSeWnjGXDcqMOx4i5zv-z2TTj_c Unfortunately my ultimate favorite campground in northern Alberta, which has basically no services, other than outhouse cleaning is now closed to public access. Time to move! Sure wish there was a way to fight this B.S.
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