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    Jim and Ken were interviewed on the Ryan Jespersen show on 630 CHED radio today. Here is a link to the Grayling Interview
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    Renew (or Join if not already a member) before December 6 and your membership will be good for about 16 months i.e. to Mar 31, 2021. $20 of your membership fee ($40) will be allocated to your local Chapter and the $40 is tax deductible!! While we don't require membership in TUC to attend Northern Lights meetings we sure encourage it as it strengthens our voice and adds to our funds! Please enter 'Northern Lights' on the online renewal form where it asks if you want to be associated with a particular chapter. See details below: November29, 2019 GIVING TUESDAY IS ALMOST HERE PLEASE HELP! LET TUC’s VOICE BE HEARD Trout Unlimited Canada (TUC) is the voice for Canada’s water and a champion for the country’s freshwater fisheries. A strong membership base helps ensure TUC’s voice is heard. The more members TUC has, the greater the organization’s influence in the protection of Canadian waters and fisheries at the federal and provincial levels. Join or renew your existing TUC membership by December 6, 2019, and you will receive member benefits through to March 31, 2021, as well as the chance to win in our special Giving Tuesday member appreciation draw! Your support is vital to ensure that there is no disruption to TUC’s significant water conservation efforts, especially now when government funding is limited and not guaranteed. Some examples of the work TUC staff and volunteers completed in 2018 include the following: Rescued and repatriated over 15,000 fish across Canada to protect threatened fish, brought back locally extinct populations, and brought awareness to the importance of native fish species. Planted over 13,500 trees fighting climate change, improving air and water quality. Repaired over 25 kilometers of Canada’s streams and rivers, increasing animal habitat, and protecting and enhancing fish populations while drastically enhancing water quality and battling climate change. Educated over 60,000 people through our national education programming, improving knowledge and awareness on water quality and stream restoration. Empowered over 180 local communities across Canada. HELP MAKE SURE TUC’s VOICE IS HEARD Also, any $40 tax-deductible memberships purchased or renewed from November 29, 2019 to December 6, 2019, will be valid until March 31, 2021. To join or renew your membership, please visit our website or call us toll-free 1-800-909-6040. Canada’s water is worth saving. Sincerely, Silvia D’Amelio CEO ************************************************
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    A primary goal of NLFF is to advocate for and promote opportunities for recreational angling in Alberta, not only for the social, physiological and psychological benefits it provides but because there is evidence to suggest that those introduced to angling tend to be more actively involved in supporting and protecting the resource and the environment in general. This year NLFF successfully applied for a grant from Alberta Conservation Association to further this goal with specific reference to the City of Beaumont and ACA.s Fish Stocking program. The project is now complete. The goals of this project were to: · increase awareness of and support for recreational angling in Beaumont, Alberta by its citizens, City administration and elected officials; · increase public awareness of ACA’s trout stocking program, trout species stocked by ACA in Beaumont’s Don Sparrow Lake (previously known as Beaumont Pond), responsible angling practices, and the dangers of dumping fish and aquarium plants in local waterbodies; · encourage and help facilitate a partnership between the City of Beaumont and ACA for maintaining and enhancing the Fish Stocking program in Beaumont in future years · free up resources for ACA to expand its Fish Stocking program to other municipalities The process: Northern Lights Fly Fishers (NLFF) provided volunteer input to the creation of Beaumont’s Recreation Master Plan especially regarding the recreational, social and economic benefits of maintaining and promoting a local recreational fishing opportunity. With the agreement of City administration NLFF then purchased and stocked 2,500 20cm rainbow trout in Don Sparrow Lake which was then supplemented by the stocking of 250 brown trout by ACA. NLFF then designed and had manufactured signage for the lake illustrating the differences between the two species and providing information on responsible angling practices. In addition, NLFF arranged for Alberta Environment and Parks to provide the City with signage for the lake and for all of the city’s storm water ponds regarding the illegality and dangers of dumping fish and aquarium contents. An article, ‘Don Sparrow Lake – Bringing Nature to the City’ was then written by NLFF and published in ‘Beaumont News’ describing the history of the fishery, the stocking program, responsible angling practices and the dangers of introducing invasive species. NLFF also provided some angling education at the Lake including assistance with ACA’s Kids Can Catch event, introducing new immigrants to fishing and teaching other individuals how to catch a fish. The City administration drafted a letter of thanks to ACA’s CEO for its many years of stocking Don Sparrow Lake. This was signed by the Mayor who then invited NLFF to make a presentation to City Council at its public meeting on October 22nd, 2019 in support of NLFF’s recommendation to Council that the City become a Corporate Partner in Conservation with ACA. It is anticipated that the City will formally approve the Partnership in conjunction with its 2020 budget approval in late January 2020.
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    The Border Paving site is adjacent to the Stainbrook Springs and Leavitt conservation sites. These are two properties that are jointly owned by Trout Unlimited Canada, Alberta Fish and Game Association and the Alberta Conservation Association; originally acquired to ensure the protection of the head water springs of the North Raven River. BP is seeking approval to operate a wet pit at the south property line of the 1/4 section they own (referred to as the Mcquiston Pit NW-18-37-05-W5) and the next south property (referred to as the Kiem Pit SW-18-37-05-W5) which is directly south of our Leavitt Property and just 1/2 mile west of the Stainbrook Property. The ground water flow from the Clearwater River to these springs is thought to go directly through the property proposed for the wet mining operation. Border Paving is apparently claiming that this is not the case and that they would never compromise the integrity of the Stauffer Creek.
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    Fish Tales has been a generous donor to our annual auction over the years. Am posting this from the Alberta Outdoorsmen forum in case we are able to help in any way: Fish Tales Fly Shop · Our faith in people is shaken this morning. Our day started with a call from the alarm company reporting multiple alarms at the shop. Shortly after the call, we arrived at the shop to three police vehicles parked in front and a shattered front door to the shop. The thief or thieves seemed to have been on a targeted mission for reels and were gone before police (or us) arrived - 15 minutes or less. Today is being spent assessing all that was taken, completing the police report, getting the door replaced, starting the insurance process, and trying to figure out how to best get the word out to the fly fishing community about the stolen goods. On behalf of Fish Tales (Dave, Nancy, and our team) please be on the lookout for reels that seem "too-good-to-be-true." Thieves left here with about four dozen higher-end reels - Islanders, Sage, Nautilus, Brittania, Orvis, Hardy, and Tibor. Feel free to share this post as the more widely it is shared the better. We will be watching on-line and have already alerted other shops in Calgary. We will list a few specific reels later today so folks can watch for these on their local forums. We'll notify police with any possible leads. Thank you. David/Nancy
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    MID-WINTER FLY TYING DAY Saturday, Jan 25th at Queen Mary Park Community Hall from 10:00am to 4:00 pm. Open to all. Come for the day or drop in at any time to join others in tying some flies, chewing the fat, and easing the pain of cabin fever. Nothing formal, no requirements and no charge! We'll be ordering in pizza around about 12:30 and paying for it with whatever donation you'd like to make, or bring your own lunch. Complimentary pop and coffee. Tools and materials for those without their own will be available and some members have offered to be available to help new tyers. If you'd like to be a volunteer instructor for an hour or two please let us know what time(s) would suit you. Otherwise just come and restock your fly box in the company of other tyers.
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    This years auction was a first class event. Many thanks to all involved in making it an awesome night. Lots of members had a hand in making it a success and fun filled night and I'd like to say thank you to each and everyone that worked hard in making sure the event went smoothly. Job well done you guys. Vince
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