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    An Internet Link Index for the Alberta Fly Fisherperson Current as of Tuesday, December 24, 2019 Province of Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/rqiyty0bzn3i926/Brook%20Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 – Brook Trout Stockings in Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/f0nhhkadfy9ofcs/Brown%20Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 – Brown Trout Stockings in Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/b9nxt5nxp5tyn6w/Cutthroat%20Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 – Cutthroat Trout Stockings in Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/vpdw44fry2onivq/Tiger%20Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 –Tiger Trout Stockings in Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/s/em5lmpvfnurjiaw/ACA Winter Lake Surface Aeration.docx?dl=0 - Alberta Aerated Lakes Northern Alberta https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhdk6iuotzvifhw/AADmDNsCZNq9ly9s5WlI6n18a?dl=0 – The Trout Lakes of Northern Alberta (76), Maps, directions etc. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b90ly7sidr6tnc0/Trout%20Stockings%20in%20Alberta.docx?dl=0 – Trout (All species) Stockings in 76 Northern Alberta Trout Lakes https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcisxzukojsca54/Campground%20Data%20etc.docx?dl=0 – Camping data etc. for 76 Northern Alberta Trout Lakes https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuz94mfcomyfok3/Alberta%20Lakes%20Fishing%20Regulations..docx?dl=0 – Regulations for 76 Northern Alberta Trout Lakes Alberta Fly-Fishing Clubs & Guiding Websites Northern Lights Fly Fishers :- http://www.nlft.org/online-forums/ _ Recommended home club. Meets once a week on Wednesdays Edmonton Trout Fishing Club :- http://www.edmontontrout.ca/ - Meets twice a month (First and third Tuesdays) Edmonton Old Timers Fishing Club :- (782)232-6261:- Meets monthly Calgary Women Fly Fishers :- http://calgarywomenflyfishers.com/ :- Meets monthly Hook and Hackle Club (Calgary) :- http://hookandhackleclub.org/index.html :- Meets twice a month (Second and fourth Wenesdays) Central Alberta Fly Tying Club (Red Deer) :- https://rdflytying.blogspot.com/ :- Meets once a week on Mondays Peace Country Fly Fishers (Grande Prairie) :-http://pcflyfishers.org/ :- Meets twice a month (First and third Thursdays) Southern Alberta Fly Fishing (Lethbridge) :-http://www.southernalbertaflyfishing.com/ :- Guiding service Alberta Fly Fishing Adventures (Coleman) :- http://www.albertaflyfishing.ab.ca/ :- Guiding Service Good Fly Fishing Websites and Fly Patterns The New Fly Fisher Magazine (Free) :- https://www.thenewflyfisher.com/ - A Canadian magazine with excellent contributors. Mid-current Fly Fishing News :- http://midcurrent.com/news/ - An excellent newsletter, with excellent contributors, out of Fort Collins, Colorado. The Global Fly Fisher :- http://globalflyfisher.com/ - An excellent European newsletter, with excellent contributors. Fly Tiers Page:- http://www.flytierspage.com/ - By Hans Weilenmann. 5,000 patterns by 267 tiers Neil’s Favourite 5 wet flies - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ghqzfoz68ydbgl/AAABoo3pBeLpw29OWpiFk5R_a?dl=0 – How to tie, etc. Videos of Common Bugs :- https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=bugs+of+the+underworld&qpvt=bugs+of+the+underworld&FORM=VDRE – Great videos Good articles by good authors Brian Chan – Fall Fishing :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/protalk/chan/fallfish.phtml Brian Chan – Chironomid Addict :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/protalk/chan/confession.phtml Brian Chan – Leeches :- http://www.gofishbc.com/Blog/Fishing-Tips/Blog-5-(2).aspx Ron Newman :- Damsel Flies :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/bugs/damselfly/damselfly.phtml Ron Newman :- – Dragon-flies :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/bugs/dragonfly/dragonfly.phtml Ron Newman – Caddis-flies :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/bugs/caddisfly/caddisfly.phtml Ron Newman – Trout Food :- http://www.bcadventure.com/ronnewman/food.phtml Gord Honey – Long Leaders : - http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/protalk/honey/lines.phtml Gord Honey – Shoals & Drop-offs :- http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/angling/protalk/honey/shoals.phtml Phil Rowley :- Fly Angling :- http//flycraftangling.com/
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    The annual general meeting of the Northern Lights Fly Fishers Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada will be held at 7:00pm on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 at Queen Mary Park Community Hall. Members of TUC who are affiliated with the NLFF Chapter may vote in person or by proxy. A proxy form is attached.PROXY AGM '20.docx This year's AGM will include a discussion of conservation and other projects that the Chapter is considering for 2020 and of activities and presentations that are of interest to members. A financial statement will be presented. All executive positions for the Chapter are open for nomination from the floor. A listing of the responsibilities of each position is available by emailing Communications@nlft.org. The positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director, External Events Coordinator, Membership Director, Communications Director. Now more than ever, the Northern Lights Fly Fishers Chapter needs your support to continue to achieve our Aims and Objectives: · support the work of TU Canada in promoting the conservation and wise use of coldwater fisheries and their watersheds and in fostering public awareness of the value of these natural resources · provide a friendly atmosphere for the novice and expert to learn and share the fly tying and fly fishing experience · promote the involvement of others in fly tying and fishing with particular emphasis on youth · interact with related clubs, organizations, governmental and other agencies to increase support for the Aims and Objectives of the Chapter Should you wish to purchase or renew a TUC tax-deductible membership prior to the AGM it will be valid until Mar 31, 2021. Simply visit the TUC website or call toll-free 1-800-909-6040.
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