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  2. I have updated “An Index of Links of Trout Fishing for the Northern Alberta Angler “ The link is still the same, some of the material is new. For newbies, here is the link:- https://www.dropbox.com/s/wouhhrzbskjn7of/An Index of Links to Trout Fishing Information for the Northern Alberta Angler.docx?dl=0 Cheers, stay safe and tight lines, Neil
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  4. Four weeks out and it is time for an update. With all we are going through, I am very much looking forward to this trip. First on location, I will be heading up to the site on Monday, hoping there is sufficient space for us. I was up on the Oldman River a week ago and the camping sites were very full. If we can't get the planned-for site (location below), I will find another one that works and post a sign on the road. I will also try to head to cell coverage Monday night or Tuesday morning and post something to these lists. In whatever case, look for the sign with the FF@/Northern Lights logo. One change will have to be made from previous years. A highlight of the Alberta Conclaves past was the pot-luck dinner on Friday or Saturday evening. I do not know a way to do this and deliver a measure of safety so I am going to cancel the pot luck. We can simulate that fun time by all cooking our own dinners at the same time and eating together. I think we will also need to be careful about car-pooling to spots but we can probably deal with that on the spot. It is probably a good idea to bring masks to wear if sharing rides. In this challenging time, it is very important to me to make this trip. Not only to cut into the stress I am experiencing (and I am sure everyone else is) but also to remember Scott Rowan - long time Alberta Conclave participant and good friend. I look forward to seeing people coming out. All are welcome! The fishing will be as it is but no matter what the company will be great. At an appropriate distance of course. Please let me know if you are thinking about coming - you can email me directly at jim_and_dorothy@hotmail.com. Jim
  5. I didn't know. This is a very sad news. I really enjoyed his company and I am glad I got to know him.
  6. So sad to hear of Scott Rowans passing .
  7. So sad to read this, Scot was a great guy, fun to talk to and very knowledgeable. Scot will be missed at or outings. Tight lines Scott!!!
  8. Was out yesterday to the Caroline area, Red Deer , Clearwater running high, raven fishable.
  9. Did anyone get out to the N.Ram this week? Looking for conditions. Hoping to get out Monday and Tuesday of next week.
  10. Anybody planning to be on the N Ram on opening day June 16?
  11. On June 4, 2020 the Federal Government released their proposed Recovery Strategies for Bull Trout, Saskatchewan- Nelson Rivers and Rainbow Trout, Athabasca River population for the sixty-day public review process. https://species-registry.canada.ca/index-en.html#/documents/1414 https://species-registry.canada.ca/index-en.html#/documents/1835 The contact address to provide comments: Director SARA Directorate Department of Fisheries and Oceans 200 Kent St. Ottawa, ON K1A 0E6 SARA/LEP.XNCR@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
  12. I like the artwork on those flies!
  13. Lil Johns Sign Shop can't give me a specific time yet but will post it as soon as I know. Making the two new pedestals to match the existing ones is a complicating factor. Also not sure yet about a ceremony - different work schedules for the families and some health concerns about group gatherings may complicate it
  14. Peter; New signs look great! Any idea when the signs will be ready? Also will there be a ceremony for the new sign installations?
  15. The graphics and art work for the Muir Lake Alberta Angler Walk of Fame have been completed with the voluntary assistance of ACA and the signs are now at Lil Johns Sign Shop awaiting construction and installation. We have reworked the signs for Lloyd Shea and Martin Paetz, added Barry Michell to the sign honouring his parents, George and Joan Michell, and created signs for Don Andersen and for the Edmonton Trout Club nominee, Reg Denny. Family members of the honourees have been involved in the wording and picture selection where possible. The new Welcome sign is also attached Muir Lake_Walk of Fame_PROOFS.pdf
  16. There are otters there now seen three of them around the beginning of June so they could / will become an issue for the trout
  17. We have extended the draw date for our raffle for the bamboo rod built by Don Andersen until November 7, 2020. The raffle prize is a 7’6″ 3/4 weight cane rod (bamboo) with two tips, built on a Payne 98 taper worth $1350. Don Andersen has generously donated a bamboo rod to support our projects for the last several years. Some of the projects that our raffle supports are: Grayling study in upper Pembina Fencing and watering sites on Raven and North Raven Rivers Protecting approximately 6 km of riparian land along Dogpound Creek with fencing, alternate watering sites for cattle, and angler access points Kids Can Tie fly tying sessions Muir Lake signs Tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20 and can be purchased online at https://northern-lights-tuc.square.site/…/cane-rod-raffl…/8… . We will mail the tickets to you. AGLC Raffle license: #513791. (Square is the payment processing company we use to process credit card transactions. This site is affiliated with Square)
  18. Heard there was some flooding that washed out part of the road in and that the campground was closed. However, that's probably old news now as the website shows the campground open. Suggest a call to Greenview County though. Planning a trip?
  19. Hi, Is the road open? Campground parking lot open? Don
  20. For those of you who do not follow the FF@ listserve or Facebook page, I am sad to pass along the news that Scott Rowan passed away a couple of weeks ago in Victoria. Scott was a regular attendee at the Alberta Conclaves and met many of you on our lovely Alberta waters. Scott was a good fishing companion for me for over 20 years. He is missed... Jim
  21. All useful stull Neil - thanks.
  22. We have two ZOOM meetings before we go fishing for the summer. Both meetings are on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. On June 10 Mike Blackburn, fisheries biologist for Alberta Environment and Parks for the Edson area, will talk to us about AEP's work on Arctic Grayling in the upper Pembina River. On June 17 Silvia D'Amelio, CEO of Trout Unlimited Canada, will talk to us about the challenges faced by TUC. To join: The zoom meeting ID is : 668 142 7482 The password is 306090. This link may work for you: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6681427482 Zoom works on a desktop computer or laptop that has a microphone and speakers, Apple phones and ipads, Android phones and tablets. It is best to install the 'zoom cloud meetings' app, but you don't need to sign up or even supply email address to join the meetings.
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    ZOOM MEETING Silvia D'Amelio, CEO of Trout Unlimited Canada, will talk about the challenges faced by TUC in these times. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6681427482Meeting ID: 668 142 7482 password 306090
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    ZOOM MEETING Mike Blackburn, fisheries biologist from Alberta Environment and Parks, will talk about AEP's work on Arctic grayling in the upper Pembina River.
  25. Hi Don, It's on tonight 7:00pm May 27 Jim O'Neil, Ken Monk - Arctic Grayling project To join: The zoom meeting ID is : 668 142 7482 The password is 306090.
  26. Anyone know - time & date. Don
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