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  2. We have decided to cancel all of our events for the immediate future. Hope to resume in September. In the meantime have a look at our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nlflytyer/videos
  3. Because of the on-going Covid-19 situation we have cancelled all of our meetings through June. The Muir Lake cleanup for May 2 has been postponed until September. We hope to resume meetings in September. Stay safe.
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  5. This download is much better than one I had found on the government site. The government had downloads for each zone but without the maps.
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  7. An Index of Internet Files of Interest to Alberta Trout Fisherpeople Please free to pass along this link to your fishing buddies. To view at full screen, remove sidebar and use “+” to expand. You can copy or transfer any folder or file to your phone or tablet. Please comment (Pro or Con) to neilstuartsutherland@gmail.com Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rh06jqfzubmn3mp/An%20Internet%20Index%20of%20Links%20to%20Trout%20Fishing%20Information%20for%20the%20Northern%20Aloberta%20Angler%20-%20Copy.docx?dl=0
  8. Ken...as soon as you finish your Dolly Llamas I would be more than happy to test them for you. A good test procedure requires at least a dozen in various colors...what a nice guy I am eh. My tying for this year started a week ago and the first fly that was tyed was (of course) the CFF which is my go to fly. The second fly is a variation of the CFF which I call the Mutant CFF. Both are awesome patterns and when fished with my 3 weight bamboo from our good friend Don Andersen the catching is just so much better. I have a life time of awesome memories fishing those patterns....it fishes so well that I often have to take them off in order to give my good fishing buddy a chance to catch up. Stay safe and tye Vince
  9. I'm going to start on some Dolly Llamas, as shown to the club on this video. You might look at our YouTube library for some other ideas
  10. Trout Unlimited Canada also received some funds from ACA for analysis/recommendations for Pinto Lake, and for some Bull Trout work in the Eastern Slopes.
  11. Some good news amid the gloom! Northern Lights Fly Fishers has been successful in securing grant funding from ACA for 3 major projects in 2020: 1. Conserving and Restoring Arctic Grayling in the Upper Pembina River Watershed – Habitat Restoration Planning The project builds upon work done in previous years of the chapter’s Arctic Grayling conservation program and involves: · water temperature monitoring at 20 sites in the Upper Pembina River watershed · aerial videography using a quadcopter to: - assess present habitat suitability in small tributary reaches with previously documented Arctic Grayling spawning, to determine their potential use as re-stocking sites - locate and document OHV damaged sites - locate and document potential sites for additional stream remediation efforts. · installing trail cameras in selected sites to collect data about angling non-compliance or damage to habitat caused by OHV traffic as well as tracking seasonal high-water events. · assisting AEP in identifying young-of-the-year/yearling rearing areas (as surrogates of spawning locations) using backpack electrofishing. · assisting AEP with volunteer angling survey and underwater videography, to evaluate effectiveness of 5-year angling closure on Upper Pembina system. There was hope of evaluating the potential of remote site incubators for future re-stocking purposes with advice from Dr. Magee, U of Montana, but this aspect of the grant proposal was unfortunately not included in the approved funding. 2. Riparian protection on Dogpound Creek Dogpound Creek is recognized as a prime recreational fishery, especially for brown trout, and is visited by anglers from all areas of the province. Essential to its long-term survival is protection of the riparian land along the length of the Creek. Its banks consist of non-cohesive, fine alluvial materials and, especially where frequented by cattle, are subject to devegetation and erosion. Most of the existing fencing, installed over thirty years ago, is broken and flattened. The owners of a large cattle ranching operation along the creek near Carstairs have agreed to the terms of a Riparian Conservation Program with ACA including upkeep of new fencing. With this grant Northern Lights will support that partnership by: · protecting 49 acres of riparian land on the property from degradation by cattle ranching and reduce siltation and effluent introduction into the creek along 3.8 km of Dogpound Creek, by removing damaged fencing and installing new wildlife friendly fencing; · providing alternate watering for the cattle by repairing two off-site watering facilities; · installing 16 access gates to the riparian area and creek for anglers and others. · promoting awareness of the need for and benefits of riparian protection. The goals are to establish conditions for a healthier river, improve habitat for fish and wildlife, and increase recreational opportunity for anglers and those interested in experiencing nature in a more pristine setting. Hopefully the project will also provide a model of effective and achievable riparian protection and increase knowledge of its importance and benefits. 3. Aeration of Hasse Lake Hasse Lake was originally developed as a provincial park and became a popular trout fishery, stocked by AEP with approx. 20,000 rainbow trout annually and producing fish in excess of 3lbs. It is a 90 ha lake with an average depth of 3.5m set in rolling hills with extensive aspen growth. It has a sandy beach, picnic area with fire pits, 3 km of walking trails, a boat launch and angling platform and is a popular birdwatching area. Water quality gradually deteriorated, however, largely due to increasing phosphorous levels. Blue-green algae began to appear. Dissolved oxygen levels decreased and fish began to die. Public Health became involved and closed the beach issuing fecal bacteria warnings. In 2009 AEP stopped stocking trout. Efforts to turn the lake into a walleye, pike and perch fishery in 2012 failed and AEP ceased all stocking that same year. In response to public requests to rehabilitate the lake, in particular from the Northern Lights Chapter and the Edmonton Trout Fishing Club, ACA began in 2015 to collaborate with local community groups and land owners to reduce nutrient loading in Hasse Lake. Improvements to and protection of much of the lake’s riparian area were such that by 2019 ACA assessment recorded DO levels adequate to support trout although thermal stratification remained a concern. E-coli and fecal coliforms were at or slightly below Alberta Health and Safety guidelines. AEP agreed to restock the lake with trout in the spring of 2020 provided that ACA continued to improve the water quality of the lake. Should that prove successful AEP further agreed to add more rainbow trout in the fall and also to diversify the fishery by the addition of tiger trout. The most effective way to continue to improve water quality and enhance conditions for trout survival was clearly identified as intensive lake aeration. This would increase dissolved oxygen, reduce nutrient levels and improve the aquatic environment for the organisms that fish rely on for food. The Northern Lights Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada, based on the success of the aeration program it helped fund and maintain at Muir Lake, will: · purchase five surface aerators and associated cables and assist ACA as needed with their installation and monitoring; · communicate the availability of Hasse Lake as an additional recreational angling opportunity and of the associated social, recreational, health and economic benefits it brings to the community · encourage financial support from local authorities and businesses for the Hasse Lake Reclamation Project and ongoing maintenance of water quality in the lake. Approved Club Funded Projects: · In conjunction with Edmonton Trout Fishing Club and Edmonton Oldtimers Fishing Club we will continue to work on replacing the Welcome signage and educational plaques at Muir Lake that have become weather worn and unreadable. ETFC is installing an additional plaque in the Walk of Fame honouring Reg Denny, and NLFF is adding Don Andersen to the Walk of Fame and rewriting the George and Joan Mitchell plaque as the Mitchell Family to incorporate recognition of the outstanding contributions of Barry Mitchell. · Continue to advocate for additional protection for Arctic Grayling, especially in the upper Pembina, by disseminating information to provincial and federal authorities obtained from the analysis of ARGR DNA by Jessica Reilly and Dr. Josh Miller commissioned by NLFF. · Support the work of TUC in protecting bulltrout spawning areas in MacKenzie Creek with a financial contribution and stream work as and when needed. · Putting $2,500 on hold for exploring the possibility of establishing remote site incubators in the upper Pembina river and/or its tributaries to assist with the reestablishment of Artic Grayling populations in the area. · Assist ACA with the Kids Can Catch programs at Fort Saskatchewan Pond and at Don Sparrow Lake, Beaumont. · Provide fly-tying instruction to school groups and youth organizations when requested and as volunteer time allows. · Assist TUC with running the Edmonton Conservation Dinner and Auction (it's postponed indefinitely right now). All of the above will be done as and when conditions allow. Hopefully we can hold a meeting again soon or better yet, go fishing!!
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  13. I need some inspiration to get tying for the upcoming season. What's everyone tying?
  14. Count me in. Had a great time on my first one last year. Met some great people and learned a few things too. Jim, I'll try to remember to bring scotch instead of beer this time.LOL Dave
  15. I normally send this announcement out early in the new year but 2020 has offered up many challenges so far. Now that I have time on my hands thanks to Coronavirus, I am making the formal call for the 2020 edition of the long-running Alberta Conclave! We will gather again on the North Ram River at the Nice & Easy site (located at 52.269793, -115.812253 according to Google Maps) from July 20 to 26 2020. This timing gets us later in the summer but away from the long-weekend crowds. The location is the same as last year. It is a great site, directly on the river with abundant space for a large group. There was even an outhouse, with a lovely view. The site is located about 10km east of the Forestry Trunk Road (Hwy 40) on the North Fork Road. When we get closer to the time, I will supply easy to follow directions. The Ram River system holds abundant and sometimes spectacularly large Cutthroat Trout. Hiking is often required to get to some of the best spots but last year a 20" cuttie was caught within sight of the campsite. Other options in the area include the Blackstone, the Upper North Saskatchewan, and Frenchman's Creek (though you might have to bribe someone to show you this one). There will be a pot-luck on the last or second last night, good company, some fly-tying, some BSing around a fire and fine fishing in a beautiful location. Newbies, partners, kids and dogs all welcome! I will send out some more information and reminders closer to the date. Hope to see you there! Jim Fox
  16. and now no vehicles in Parks, provincial parks or recreational areas...confused as well aout the no parking on the side of roads or private property. Does this mean for instance, parking by the bridge on SR761 and walking on to the Stauffer is not allowed. What if I have permission to park on private property. I certainly don't disagree with the reasoning behind keeping parks etc closed to vehicle traffic, but i have never had to worry about keeping a social distance from someone on a stream or river. https://albertaparks.ca/albertaparksca/news-events/alberta-environment-and-parks-response-to-covid-19/
  17. Just announced: To complement the release of new sport fishing regulations, and in recognition of the fact many Albertans are self-isolating in light of COVID-19, the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association is making its eight-module Alberta Fishing Education Program available online for free. “Many Albertans are practising physical distancing right now, so what better time to learn about our province’s wildlife? Our partners at AHEIA have generously offered to make the new Alberta Fishing Education Program available free of charge, and we hope Albertans – kids and adults – will take advantage of this opportunity. I recently took the course along with my two youngest children, and the three of us learned so much about the aquatic biodiversity of our province!” Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks “Given the current set of circumstances everyone is dealing with, we feel now is the perfect time to release the Alberta Fishing Education Program for free, so that all Albertans – young and old – can take advantage of this extra time they may have found themselves with while they self-isolate or quarantine at home away from school and work.” Robert Gruszecki, Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association The Alberta Fishing Education Program is the only program of its kind offered in North America. Its aim, beyond providing essential education about fishing in Alberta, is to provide confidence through understanding to better enable more people to responsibly spend time in the outdoors and enjoy and preserve our province’s most beautiful wild places and wildlife. AHEIA is a not-for-profit organization that works to educate the public on the importance of protecting the places and wildlife cherished by Albertans. AHEIA is the only registered charity in Alberta that provides this type of conservation and outdoor education to the public and has done so since 1964. Fishing Education Program: https://319.yssecure.com/cart_builde...roductID=60179
  18. I found the advertisement on page 6 a little disturbing. Nothing should ever be inserted under the gill covers if you intend to release the fish - although I know it is common practice on many sport fishing shows.
  19. An online version is now available https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/dbf392f4-266f-4947-adc0-fa4bdf4e2c9c/resource/7dc7cdc2-0cfb-497e-8b88-174a9800e437/download/alberta-guide-sportfishing-regulations-2020.pdf
  20. It's the right call and I support the decision
  21. Trout Unlimited Canada (our parent organization) has issued some guidance with respect to COVID-19 health concerns. All Northern Lights chapter meetings and events in March and April will be canceled or postponed. Details about resumption of meetings will be posted on the website, on Facebook and on our forum.
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    Trout Unlimited Canada (our parent organization) has issued some guidance with respect to COVID-19 health concerns. In the rapidly changing environment around COVID-19, TUC asks all chapters to suspend meetings, events and workdays for the next couple of months. We hope that by reducing potential for contracting the virus we can help protect the health and welfare of our volunteers and members while supporting the need to reduce strain on Canada’s health care system. We thank you for your understanding and patience. All Northern Lights chapter meetings and events in March and April will be canceled or postponed. Details about resumption of meetings will be posted on the website, on Facebook and on our forum.
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    The Boat and Sportsman show closed on Thursday evening and will not be re-opening due to health concerns over Coronavirus.
  24. Alberta Health Services announced Thursday that large gatherings should be cancelled due to concerns over Covid-19.
  25. Given the current COVID-19 virus situation, we wanted to send out some info to ensure we have a successful event. We are going ahead with the event, and are asking anyone that may pose a risk to not come, otherwise, you are all very welcome and we look forward to seeing you! To determine if you are a risk to others PLEASE READ: These key points are taken from the Alberta Health link https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx and some comments have been added, relevant to our situation: Risk: As of today, Albertans risk is low. 1. Have you traveled in the last 2 weeks? DO NOT COME if: a) IF you have been on/at: Grand Princess Cruise, Iran or China's Hubei province in the last 14 days, DO NOT COME (and according to Alberta Health, isolate yourself for two weeks, even if you are feeling well and call Health Link 811). b) IF you have travelled anywhere outside of Canada and experienced any of the following: you had contact with someone who was suspected or confirmed to have the novel coronavirus OR were in a health-care facility in an affected country OR have symptoms, such as cough or fever, then DO NOT COME. 2. If you MIGHT be ill from COVID-19 for any other reason: DO NOT COME (pretty simple-stay at home, and call 811). If you've been asked to self-isolate by Alberta Health, please follow their instructions, even if you have no symptoms. Assuming no one with those risk factors will be attending, then we'll focus on good hygiene: The main prevention is really all about good hygiene: (i.e: wash your hands upon arrival and at breaks, we'll have cleaning material at the tables)]. Please remember to cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze (and not with your hand) (after all, it is cold and flu season, and no one wants those bugs either). --
  26. Unfortunately Mike Watkins is under the weather so he won't be able to come up and present on March 11. I will do a "pop-up" presentation on "Reading the Water" with audience participation. I will show some pictures of streams and ask where would you put your fly?
  27. This is what our "Government" decided to cut... https://albertaparks.ca/news-events/?fbclid=IwAR2WFDUKQNBWBRKjo8oVttc8aNDK7cafzSeWnjGXDcqMOx4i5zv-z2TTj_c Unfortunately my ultimate favorite campground in northern Alberta, which has basically no services, other than outhouse cleaning is now closed to public access. Time to move! Sure wish there was a way to fight this B.S.
  28. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for our Kid's Tying booth at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show. We are tying woolly buggers with kids at our booth across from the Fishin' Hole. If you can help please contact Dan at events@nlft.org.
  29. Mike Watkins is unable to attend this week. Instead we will have a presentation on Reading the Water by Michael Dell
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